Following My Path

A year and a half ago, I took a leap of faith to move abroad to teach. I left everything I knew behind: my family and friends, the comforts of home, and even a boyfriend. I embarked on a new journey of travel and self discovery, choosing to finally start living a life I have always dreamed about. So far, I have traveled to Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and lastly, Indonesia. Although I have been to some amazing places thus far, it’s in Bali, Indonesia where I realized that my journey is truly beginning. Bali is a special place that brings out a self-awareness and awakening. But first, lets rewind to the events that lead up to this special moment. I had been living in South Korea for 6 months teaching when life took an interesting turn. The whole time I had been living in Korea, something just didn’t feel right. I never felt at peace. Sure, I was living in a foreign country, away from my family and friends; yet, something was off compared to the other environments I lived in. I never felt at peace. Collectively, the town I was living in as well as my work situation felt toxic. I tried everything in my power to turn a negative situation into a positive situation. I practiced yoga, I made a vision board, I said daily affirmations. On the inside, I felt lighter and hopeful, however, the outside environment remained the same. I knew something had to change. The universe must have been listening because change came sooner than expected. Long story short, the job just didn’t work out. I should have felt sadness, a loss, confusion, or shock. I felt relief. This was truly divine intervention. I was cut free from a negative, suppressive situation, and set back on the correct path. Not only was I now free, I had a preplanned solo Bali trip to take within a weeks time. I knew this trip was going to be life changing: a time for reflection, wellness, and soul-searching. It sounds cheesy, but it was exactly what I needed. Just like a lotus flower, I rose above the murk, breaking free from the negative. The trip to Bali gave me everything I needed and helped clarify what I knew in my heart; to achieve fulfillment I must travel and create. Therefore, I decided to finally start sharing my travel experiences and passion of wellness. My goal for this blog is to incorporate travel with a healthy, balanced lifestyle. In the future, I would like to find new places to visit that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. Suggestions are welcomed. 🙂 I can’t wait to share my journey with you! IMG_3795 Much Love,