Spiritual Enlightenment in Bali

Bali, known as the “Island of Gods” is a place where many come to seek transformation, peace, and enlightenment through meditation and spiritual healers. It is an island that is vibrating with so much positive energy and love that it is hard not to feel overwhelmed with happiness. Besides partaking in yoga and spa treatments, I was looking forward to experiencing the healing powers of Bali.

Part 1: Meditation

Prior to coming to Bali, I had tried to find balance at home through yoga and positive affirmations. I always tried to quiet my mind during Shavasana (the last part of a yoga class where you close your eyes and relax). Let’s be real though. As a teacher, I always had a million things running through my mind and could never quite find that inner focus. I hadn’t been able to take it to the next level and fully relax…until Bali.

I had two major breakthroughs with meditation at The Yoga Barn, one during Restorative Yoga and another during Sacred Geometry Meditation. The Restorative Yoga class was led by such a genuine and gentle teacher named Gypsy. Her mantra of the class was transformation. We all are going through the cycle of life, change is inevitable, and we all have a purpose. Her guided words allowed me to focus and realize this change going on right now is GOOD.

As I was lying on the floor with the sky turning to orange and pink, I cried tears of joy. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I felt as though I was cleansing myself. Everything about this moment felt right.

The second class I took, Sacred Geometry Meditation, totally put me out of my comfort zone. I had never taken a full on meditation class where I had to rest my mind for 90 minutes. Was this even possible?! Yes! You just have to let it goooooooo.

Sacred Geometry Meditation is the blueprint of Creation and helps bring self-awareness. The class began with deep breathing. I was then sprinkled with Holy Water and the whole class was cleansed with sage. Accompanied with music, the teacher read from a sanskrit. As I was listening to the rain fall outside, I was able to fully surrender and focus within. A few words from the class that resonated were: (1) surrender to your path, (2) love yourself, and (3) you are here for a purpose and trust the path that has been chosen for you. *Cue tears* Now, I’m not an overly emotional person but there is something truly special about hearing the right thing at the right time. I needed that 100%

If you’ve considered mediating or need some peace in your life, I advise giving it a try! It makes you feel lighter and more focused. To get the most out of meditating, I suggest going to a guided class to help walk you through the process.


Part 2: Spiritual Healer

In true Eat, Pray, Love fashion, I had to visit a spiritual healer while in Bali. My trip wouldn’t be complete without it. Therefore, my first mission when arriving to Ubud was to find a healer. I asked around at my hotel and discovered that Ketut (the healer from Eat, Pray, Love) was old and senile now, so the man to go to now was Cokorda Rai. I was fortunate enough to meet two lovely ladies at the Yoga Barn who were willing to embark on this adventure with me.

We traveled to Cokorda Rai’s home, a beautiful compound with various temples surrounded by a lush garden. After getting lost within his compound, we arrived to an open temple where we were asked to sit. Then this little old man, 84 to be exact, came out to greet us with the biggest smile. We each had a reading one at a time. He asked us to sit in front of him with our legs straight out, and then the healer rubbed our heads, put his fingers in our ear, and felt around our neck for health issues. The other girls went before me, so I had some idea of what was going to happen to me. I thought for sure I had a plethora of health and emotional issues. After poking around my face, he goes, “What can I do for you? Nothing wrong.” “You’re mind is connected to your body, very good.””Oh, you got period pain.” Ha, what girl doesn’t? I then was asked to lay down on the mat. He proceeded to poke each toe with a small stick. I was able to see from the previous ladies that if something was wrong, you will feel a shooting pain, much life a knife, in your toe. For me, I had no significant pain. He explained that I had trouble sleeping (true) because I am a dreamer, therefore, i stay up late because I am always thinking. To be successful, he mentioned how I need to be active and creative (something I had been realizing over the last few months). Lastly, I will have a new job in the next one to two months and good things will come (YAY!). He also suggested that I read a book on NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one of a kind visit. Cokorda made me feel calm and helped reassured that it’s all going to be OK.

If you’re in Bali, please check him out!