Yoga Barn: The Perfect Ubud Retreat

A yoga retreat has always been on my bucket list for years. I love the sense of community yoga brings and how it makes me feel physically and mentally. Once again, I kept putting the retreat off because it wasn’t the “right time” or I couldn’t find someone to go with me. Enough was enough; Bali was on my radar and I decided to just go for it!

After reviewing the many retreats that Bali has to offer, I chose the Yoga Barn. I booked a 4-day/3-night retreat through Balispirit. It included housing at Ubud Aura Retreat Centre, 4 meals at Garden Kafe, 5 classes, 1 private class, and 3 spa treatments. This package is a complete steal for only $410 USD and worth every penny.

My retreat experience ended up being a little different because the Yoga Barn was closed for the first day of my retreat, which meant I had a private class and spa treatments at a different location. Nonetheless, it was still amazing. The first day I had a private with a wonderful lady named Pradyna at her home. Pradyna accommodated to my needs and asked what kind of practice I would like. I was exhausted from my travels so we took it slow. We went through a slow flow and practiced balancing moves. I know we’re not all ballers who can afford a private teacher but if you ever have a chance to take a private class (maybe a friend is training to be a teacher), do it! This is a chance to focus on alignment, posture, and a safe place to try new moves with guidance.

DSC_2625 DSC_2604

With much anticipation, on day 2 I finally got to take classes at the Yoga Barn. Yoga Barn is a refreshing and supportive yoga community located in Ubud situated around rice paddies and a lush backdrop. Yoga Barn has an extensive list of daily classes with some of the world’s best yoga teachers. They also offer free workshops and community classes such as community health, astrology workshops, or dance classes. During my retreat I took Restorative Yoga with Gypsy, Vinaysa Flow with Les, Slow Flow with Malika, and Scared Geometry Meditation with Novara. Every single class I took was on point, from the teacher to the atmosphere. Vinyasa Flow was probably my favorite class solely because of the energy of the class. Although the class was challenging, the teacher led with humor and encouragement.

IMG_3917_2 IMG_3918

In between classes there is an incredible café, Garden Kafe, to enjoy healthy nom noms and meet like-minded people. The yogi consensus is everything is delicious, and I couldn’t agree more. I recommend the veggie burger, breakfast burger, or the pesto pasta with chicken.

IMG_3904_2 IMG_3928

My first yoga retreat was everything I imagined; peaceful, invigorating, and insightful. Yet, I feel like my time at the Yoga Barn was too short, especially since I lost a day there due to a company outing. Which means I will be making my return very soon. Who’s with me!?

Has anyone else had a positive experience at Yoga Barn or recommendations for other yoga retreats?

Be Well,