Hong Kong’s Little Secret

Hong Kong is best known for its skylines, shopping, and bustling streets. Although there’s much to do in the city’s center, it’s what lies beyond the skyline. Hong Kong has some pretty spectacular mountains and beaches, providing the adventurer with plenty of hiking, rocking climbing, and water activities.

The second the clock struck 1:00 on Saturday I would hightail it from work to the MTR, pining for an outdoor excursion. For me, living in a busy city became exhausting and I needed to find solace in nature. I found my peace (and space) in parks, on the trails, and in the ocean. I didn’t have a chance to try all the trails around Hong Kong but here are few that I enjoyed:

Victoria’s Peak

This hike begins at the top of Victoria’s Peak and is a nice decline down to various points. The route I chose took me to Pokfulam Reservoir Road. This hike offers beautiful views of the skyline throughout the trail and is a pretty easy hour and half stroll.

IMG_4142 IMG_2609_2

Sai Kung East Country Park

This was by far my favorite trail and one of the most memorable experiences I had in Hong Kong. This hike is one of Hong Kong’s best-kept secrets. It takes some effort to get there but it is worth the time. Take a bus KMB Bus 92 from Diamond Hill Station to Sai Kung Bus Terminal. To get to the trailhead you need to take a taxi to Sai Kung Country Park. Follow the trail until you get to the beach and hook a left. Keep following the trail through the woods along a stream. You will need to climb over numerous piles of rocks. Your reward? An awesome water pool with a waterfall and cliff jumping. This is an ideal spot for lounging in a water pool on a hot summer day. At the end of the day, you can save your tired legs and take a speedboat back to the pier at the Sai Kung Bus Terminal

IMG_2770_2 IMG_2764 IMG_2768IMG_2767

Lion’s Rise: I didn’t personally hike this trail but my friends enjoyed this challenging path. The mountain that looks like a lion, hence the name is located in Wong Thai Sin in Kowloon. They said the hike is long and that a good portion of the path is vertical. However, the views at the top are breathtaking. If you like a challenge and some burn, this one is for you.

Another popular outdoor activity is Dragon boat racing and rock climbing. I have not tried either due to my debilitating fear of heights and raging seasickness. However, I did have the pleasure of attending the annual Dragon Boat races in Victoria Harbor. This is a great activity to have a taste of local history, meet new people, and paddle your way to beastly arms. If you’re interested in racing the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association as a wealth of information about racing schedules and team sign up.


My one suggestion for visitors or expats, please put the shopping bag DOWN and explore the natural side of Hong Kong.