Paradise Found in Boracay

One of the best parts of teaching in Asia was the accessibility to some of the world’s most pristine and idyllic beaches. I’ve been fortunate enough to lounge on beaches covered with white sand, lined with shady palm trees. When it comes to the ocean, I have not met a beach I did not like. However, there are a select few that I have absolutely fell in love with in Asia. There is one beach in particular that has left a lasting impression and completely stands alone compared to the others. With its stunning waters and vibrant sunsets, Boracay Island in the Philippines has captured my heart. IMG_2374 Boracay is a magnificent island that is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Hong Kong. From HK, it’s about a two hour flight to Manila and another hour flight to Kalibo. From Kalibo, you have the option to take another short flight or an hour “oh shit handle” bus ride to the port of Boracay. Due to budget restraints, I took the terrifying bus ride, holding my breath the whole way. Once you get to the port, you need to take a small boat trip to the island. It’s a lot of transportation for one day, but my goodness is it worth it. For the first part of the trip I stayed at LuxeView Hotel on Bulabog Beach. This hotel is situated in a quieter part of the island, away from the hustle and bustle of all the stations. It is also located across from a more secluded beach, where adventurers try their hand at kite surfing. This hotel is perfect for someone on a budget but still looking for a quality room. The hotel also includes a friendly and helpful staff, free van service, and the most delicious banana pancakes I have ever eaten.

IMG_2354 IMG_2370 IMG_2376

On the last two days of the trip, I decided to treat myself and upgrade my accommodation to the 7 Stones Resort. The 7 Stones is a picturesque resort located right on the turqoiuse waters of Bulabog Beach, surrounded by hanging hibiscus and palm trees. The resort is all around peaceful, with cozy rooms and a beautiful ocean view. The best part of the resort is the pool with a swim up bar. Bring on the mango smoothies!


IMG_2403 IMG_2426 Boracay Island is a great place to completely unwind, get lost in a book, and treat yourself to daily $5 massages. I like a good adventure but this holiday was dedicated to pure laziness and pampering. I spent most of my time lounging on white sand beach drinking banana spiked smoothies and discovering the best foot massages. Sometimes you just gotta treat yo self! One spa I must recommend to all is the Tirta Spa. Tirta Spa is without a doubt the best spa experience I have ever had, from the location to the treatments. Soaking in a bath full of rose petals and sipping on ginger tea made me fee like a queen! IMG_2364 To this day, I dream about floating in the clear blue water to the pink and orange sunsets of Boracay. This beach ranks top in the world for a reason, from charming locals to romantic views.I highly suggest making this your next tropical destination.