Create The Life You Want

Are you constantly fantasizing about an alternate life? Do you see yourself opening up a small fair trade coffee shop or maybe even taking a yoga retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica? Take these visions and make them a reality! I have always been a firm believer in visualizing your goals.

To make things happen it’s important to identify what you want and how to get there. By putting that goal in front of you, it helps keep you accountable and motivated. For me, I like to use lists or vision boards to help manifest an idea or goal. Note, I don’t call it a dream because a dream is a thought, not a plan of action. If you truly want something, you will do everything in your power to make it happen. I made a vision board at a particularly confusing time of my life and it helped organize my mind. I had the quote, “Your path is unfolding exactly as it should be,” up when my life took an interesting turn of events and I was suddenly jobless. Instead of hiding in a ball at this particularly rough time, I embraced the quote and went with the flow. The flow took me to Bali..which was also on my vision board.


On my vision board, I like to add pictures, words, or positive quotes that are relevant to my current goals. In addition, make the board aseptically pleasing, full of color and vibrancy. For example, maybe your goal is to think positive thoughts and uplift your spirit. Go ahead and put up a quote that energizes and inspires you in a place in your house that you see daily (i.e. bathroom mirror). Perhaps, your goal is to save $5000. Write out that amount in green and put it on the board. This visual key will be a constant reminder of your saving goal and will help keep your spending in check. Why do you want to save? Put up a picture of that! Now the wheels are in motion; you’re committed to reaching your goals. There is something called the Law of Attraction. The idea is if you put a thought out in the universe, the universe will in return work in your favor to help you. Hey, anything helps, right? It’s like a ripple effect. Positive attracts positive. Of course, in life there may be set backs but stay focused and stay engaged. Everyday you will get a little bit closer to the life you want. Visualize. Create. Achieve. IMG_4393