Finding the Light

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If only one remembers to turn on the light.”-Albus Dumbledore

It was day 4 curled up in a ball, staring at the 4 walls of my closet size flat wondering how I got myself in this situation. Each day my mind was filled with a multitude of emotions. One second I would be relieved about being out of a negative work situation to being in utter panic, and then just straight up disgusted. With no warning, I went from being a carefree expat to a homeless, jobless teacher in a foreign country. I came to Korea with such high hopes and expectations! Well..the stories about hagwons are all true; shady, loves to break contracts, and unpredictable. Where was human resources when you needed them? Sure I could have stayed on for half the pay, and continued to be verbally abused and degraded daily, but this gal has self love and knows her self worth. The universe must have been up to something because within the next few days of this terrible debacle, I received a text from my best friend from college checking in on me. Explaining to her my sudden turn of events, she presented a rather appealing opportunity. It was everything I needed to hear to uplift my rather low spirits. It was a chance to be your own boss. Yes, I’m listening. It’s an uplifting and positive community. Just what I need. It’s an opportunity to focus on health and wellness while helping others. Sounds perfect. And just like that, I dove into coaching. It’s been three months now since I have started this journey with fitness coaching and am still in awe of the impact it has made on my life. For the longest time I felt as if something was missing. Little did I know, it was this. I now wake up each day with such a happy heart that I can help other people change their lives. Every day I am surrounded by such inspiring people who are reaching their personal goals, building their confidence, achieving financial freedom, and creating a life they have always dreamed of. It’s also a bonus that I have been getting my booty back into shape and cleaning up my diet. I have always loved learning about overall wellness and connecting the mind, body, spirit. Now I get to spread the knowledge and love? Even better! Looking back a few months ago, I could have easily shut myself off and gave up. Sitting in that small bedroom with just my thoughts, led to self doubt and questioning my ability to succeed. I could have easily said no to this opportunity but I saw the light. A change needed to be made and this was it. It is NEVER too late to start over. Whether it be a new job, to lose weight, or to find happiness. Just take the first step! Be Well, Jess

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