Hong Kong:The Big Return

Alas, I am back in the vibrant and bustling city known as Hong Kong. Having been gone for a year, I have had time to reflect on my time away. Since being away, I have developed a greater appreciation for the city, fully acknowledging the qualities that I failed to recognize before.

Just when I was almost fully assimilated, I yanked myself out of the city. I thought I was done. I thought the grass was going to be greener. Being transfixed on change, I relocated to Korea. The remuneration package and the opportunity to explore a new country hypnotized me. However, hindsight is not always 20/20.

In my search to a find a new job, I considered many other countries. However, the idea of returning to Hong Kong kept resurfacing. It seemed to make the most sense. Hong Kong, in fact, had everything I needed after all.


The Energy

Maybe it’s the twinkling skyline or the crowded streets. Either way, the pulse of the city is contagious. People are always moving and shaking. This city brings a sense of excitement that leaves you wanting more. The second I moved to that small town in Korea, I yearned for Hong Kong’s liveliness and charm. Strolling the busy night markets, bouncing up the Mid-levels escalators lined with eclectic restaurants, or catching a ferry ride along the harbor. Simply put, the city never gets boring.

 Endless Opportunities

 Having it all in America, without being in debt, is hard nowadays. Hell, finding a stable job is problematic. That is half the reason I decided to move to Hong Kong in the first place. The opportunities here are endless. Living here lends the opportunity to live comfortably in addition to save, pay off debt, and travel frequently. Furthermore, the city embraces the entrepreneurial spirit. Back home, dreams of opening a business or getting a stellar job is often diminished by economic hardships and bureaucracy. On the other hand, putting a dream into fruition seems possible here.

 The People

What I love most about the city is the different walks of life you will meet here. With a city with over 7 million people where the East meets West, Hong Kong is extremely diverse. Between the locals and the expats, it is a melting pot of cultures. The locals may come off as disingenuous at first, but in actuality, they are some of the kindest people in the world.


Hong Kong offers a unique blend of city life and outdoor exploration. From festivals to beach trips, activities and adventure is abundant. I desperately missed the city life while away. Needless to say, a day in Hong Kong is absolutely unique. From roof top bars overlooking the harbor to exploring historical sights on Lantau island. Choosing between an array of coves to enjoy an afternoon beach picnic or a night out exploring the hidden restaurants tucked inside any given alley. Hong Kong will constantly surprise you, leaving you wanting more.