What Are We Running From?

Those who choose to live abroad are often idealized but in the same breath get questioned about their motives. When I decided to make the leap to move abroad the first time and again a few months ago, I got mixed reviews. People see it as inspiring but wonder how it’s going to effect your life in the long run. Expats who choose to move have to continuously defend and explain their intentions. I have frequently had this conversation with fellow travelers and expats. Are we running away? If so, what are we running from?


Some perceive us not as wanderlusters but lost souls. We are running from  life or problems at home. We refuse to take responsibility. We don’t want to commit to a job, lay down roots, or have a sense of direction. For others, we refuse to let maturity rule. We don’t want to settle down but be uninhibited, free of daily concerns. We can make irrational and erratic  decisions and live life as a nomad. No penalties for our actions. Some think we move away to evade personal problems. We put a geographical distance between our current battles. A new piece of scenery will bury the pain. OR we are so heartbroken we need to completely start over, re-identifying ourselves in a new place free of the reminders and old mistakes.

For many, this is all true.

We are most definitely running. However, we are not running away but towards something. Those who pursue a life abroad are running towards..



We are restless looking at the same four walls. The only thing that will feed our soul is exploration, a breathtaking scene, and a new memory. We are curious to see what’s out there and won’t feel content until the mission is completed…but even so, there’s always another adventure waiting. Unfortunately for us, a vacation won’t suffice. We need to immerse ourselves in a culture and environment to fully reap the benefits. It’s this strange addiction that is hard to explain. There’s no better feeling then stepping off the plane in a new country not knowing what hidden and unforgettable experiences lie ahead.

A Non Conventional Life

Habits make use restless and conformity makes us anxious.We choose to leave home because we want something different. Not saying that life at home is bad, we just don’t want the norm. Some of us tried the conventional life style, following in the footsteps of our family and it simply didn’t work out. We strive for something more, a little off the beaten path. Before we jump back on the path, we need to first try. We have to see what else is out there, check off the bucket list items, and invest some time in finding ourselves.


The world is such a beautiful place and a photograph will not do it justice. We rather not dream it but see it.From surreal sunsets to kindhearted locals, there is beauty everywhere. Travel tugs at your heart, providing inspiration and adornment. It brings a spark back to your life. Considering how many horrific things we witness on a daily basis, we become numb after a while. Therefore, we sprint  towards this kind of beauty to help us feel; to restore our faith in life.

A New Perspective 

We travel to learn and to challenge ourselves. We want to gain insights into new cultures, history, and places. It gives us a chance to stop and look at our new surroundings, gaining a deeper understanding and opening our mind. Yet, we often leave with gaining a new perspective on ourselves. We find that we are stronger than we thought. We find that we have everything we need. Most importantly, we find that we are not lost after all. We are exactly where we need to be.


What are you running towards?

Photo Cred: Tumbler @souhailbog