A Year of Reflection

Looking inward and outward, a new year brings on many emotions. It gives us the chance to reflect back on the last 12 months, unveiling the changes, the defining moments, and memories. These events, positive ornot so positive, have impacted our lives in some way. It’s important to identify how we have taken shape and have grown through the year.



A year ago, I decided to write out my personal reflections of 2014, focusing on the most transformative events, lessons learned, what I was most grateful for, and areas in my life that still need work. I revisited that list today.

It’s hard to imagine where the time has gone; yet so much has happened within a year. I began 2015 with a clear focus of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. Now, seeing the woman I was 12 months ago is astounding. I was so small, just breaching the surface; on the verge of a breakthrough. I knew this year was going to be a meaningful year for me, yet I could have never fathomed how challenging, messy, and monumental it was going to be.


Regardless of what happened to me this year, I used my reflections of 2014 to guide me. Instead of harping over the disappointments of the previous year, I used those moments as an opportunity to learn. A few disappointing moments included watching relationships dissolve, not embracing or appreciating the present, and letting others control my happiness. I used these as sudden reminders for self-development and a happier year. I wanted to be mindful of every action. On the other side, I looked at what made me insanely happy for the year and decided to keep doing that tenfold. Lastly, the goals that had been forgotten, I made it a top priority to focus on for this year such as my health and my passions.


So for today, please join me in closing the final chapter of 2015 by writing out a personal reflection of the last year.

  • Your top 10 highlights
  • Your top 10 disappointments
  • 3 game changers
  • 3 things you focused on
  • 3 goals that were forgotten

Let’s then reflect and continue to move forward. I have a deep intuition that this will be the best year yet…for you as well. You have the ability to write one hell of a story. Cheers to page 1 of 365 of your next chapter.