Highlight On: The Yoga Room

Finding a yoga studio in Hong Kong is easy but finding a studio that has soul is rare. Coming across the Yoga Room was like a breath a fresh air, like coming home. Unlike the stuffy corporate studios scattered throughout the city, the Yoga Room is dynamic, fresh, and a complete urban escape.

I stumbled across the Yoga Room when I attended Silent Disco Yoga, an out of studio event. This modern approach to yoga completely fascinated me and left me wanting more. (Read more about my ultra hip Silent Disco Yoga experience here) After just one class, I was intrigued to discover what other classes they offered. The best part is, my gut instinct was right; this studio provides a space for yogis to connect their mind, body, and soul.


Silent Disco Yoga

The Yoga Room is a fairly large boutique studio centrally located in the hip area of Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Known for their intimate class sizes, the studio offers classes in one of their 4 workspaces. Although intimate, the classes are set in a space that is open and bright.


The Yoga Room is one of the most multidimensional studios in the area, offering both traditional and contemporary classes, experimenting with up and coming yoga practices. What drew me to the studio initially was the diversity and uniqueness of the classes, everything ranging from Detox Yoga to Mindfulness Yoga. With over 100 classes to choose from in addition to outside events such as hiking yoga, retreats, and various workshops, there is a class for everybody. The teachers here are knowledgeable, passionate, and will make your class experience relaxing and memorable. Some of my favorite classes to date have been taken at this studio due partly to the teachers and rareness of the class. Hammock Yoga, a practice that uses a hammock to support stretching and inversions left me feeling like a majestic butterfly.

Where Wheel Yoga, a practice that promotes flexibility, heart opening poses, and backbends with the assistance of a wheel totally blew my mind. (Read more about this life changing class here).


If you want to try something new or spice up your yoga practice I highly suggest giving this place a go. Classes are abundant and affordable for Hong Kong standards. Drop in classes go for about $280 HKD. Class packages are also available. Email info@yogaroomhk.com
for more information on pricing. Bonus, the first class is free! (for HK card holders)


The Yoga Room
Xiu Ping Commercial Building, 104 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, HK
Studio – 3,4,6,16/F Office – 15/F