Top 5 All Natural Products Worth Packing


My mind and soul absolutely love traveling to new and exotic countries; however, my body often disagrees to the change. When traveling to new places your body is put under a lot of stress between new sleep patterns and new environmental factors such as hygiene standards, viruses, and water quality.

It seems like when you’re on holiday, you feel invincible, often neglecting your body and needs. Skimping on sunscreen, failing to put on mosquito repellent during that jungle trek, consuming far too many red bull buckets, or eating that raw tuna that didn’t quite look up to health code standards. Unfortunately, these small absentminded actions can lead to serious debilitating scenarios like sun poisoning, dengue fever, or an unsettling parasite.

I’ve learned the hard way far too many times (hello, Bali belly), and have begun to make my health a priority at all times, especially during my travels. Nothing ruins a trip quite like a trip to a janky hospital for an infection or food poisoning. Therefore, I have started traveling with a few basics for preventative measures (also a great addition to your medicine cabinet). These items are all natural, easy to find, and true lifesavers.

Here’s a list of my top natural travel essentials:

1. Ginger Tablets

I have been cursed with motion sickness since I was a kid; therefore, I always take a pill before any sort of long distance travel. If you’re prone to getting car or seasick, ginger tablets will be your saving grace. Ginger is a natural alternative to help sooth the stomach and prevent nausea caused by motion.

 2. Activated Charcoal Tablets

This is one pill I wish I had with me last time I was in Bali! I unfortunately got a violent bout of food poisoning on my last day on Bali and had to travel 35 hours under the worst conditions. My Bali belly lasted a good week after eating rancid raw tuna. I don’t wish that on even my worst enemy. So this trip, activated charcoal will be the first thing I pack. I can verify that it works since I had the opportunity to test it out with a case of stomach flu last week. Basically, activated charcoal is one of the quickest remedies for a case of food poisoning/stomach flu, soaking up the toxic bacteria.

 3. Badger Anti-Bug Sunscreen

When spending the day outside exploring, wearing sunscreen goes without saying. However living and traveling in a tropical environment, I also need some extra bug defense. I swear these areas breed some insane radioactive mosquitos that cause golf ball sized welts. Fortunately, I found a natural product that protects me both from the sun’s harsh rays and those pesky bloodsuckers using natural oils such as lemongrass, cedar, and citronella. Ain’t nobody got time for dengue fever or itchy legs while traveling!

 4. Essential Oil Headache Blend

As much as travel is fun, it also brings unexpected stress (airport security line, I’m looking at you). This aromatherapy blend is a must have when a headache strikes or you’re looking to relax after a long day. I personally like using the cooling combination or peppermint and lavender oil on my temples or the back of my neck.

 5. Immune Boosting Supplement

Your immune system definitely takes a hit while your traveling. We tend to lack mindfulness while traveling; overindulging on food and drinks, eating foods that don’t serve us, foregoing exercise, and not getting enough sleep. I try my best to incorporate some type of physical activity and healthy eating during my travels, but I am also human. To ensure I stay well throughout my trip, I try to get my nutrients in when I can which means taking a superfood supplement. In the past I have enjoyed Shakeology, but am currently using Amazing Grass Green Superfood. This brand has individual packets, perfect for traveling.


What natural products do you like to bring with you during your travels?