Bali Spirit Festival

If you’re into dance, yoga, or global music, Bali Spirit should definitely be on your traveling radar. Set in the beautiful lush jungle of Ubud, Bali Spirit brings people from all of world to celebrate arts, yoga, and well-being. During my trip first to Bali I heard people discussing how amazing this festival is, so I made it a priority to attend this year. Sure enough, Bali Spirit did not disappoint.


The love, positivity, and energy radiating from this festival will leave you feeling recharged and high on life. Ranging over 5 days, the festival consists of workshops, classes, healing and spiritual guidance, live music, and the Dharma Fair Market that includes healthy meals and local vendors. The class lists and workshops are extensive and all equally worthy, making it difficult to choose from.


Although my time at the festival was short, I made the most of the day I had taking in all the love, learning, connections, and physical and spiritual growth. It’s hard to put into words how transformative my experience was, as it’s something you have to see and live for yourself.

Here’s a little taste of my Bali Spirit Festival experience.

Classes & Workshops


Asana for Hips and Hearts

Led by Suzanne Sterling, this class was energizing and empowering. Combined with ecstatic dance, vocal exploration, and deep stretching, the class helped release pent up emotional tension within the body. This class was by far one of the most memorable and moving classes I have taken over the years. A drum circle dance and chant at 8:00 a.m.? What a way to awaken the body and soul! To read a more in depth version of my experience, go here.

 Yin Yoga for Detoxification & Purification

Focusing on slow and deep stretching, Tina Nance of Yoga Barn shared her guidance and wisdom of healing the body through movement. This class, specifically Wood Yin Yoga, was aimed at doing movements to rebalance the liver and gallbladder. Although this class is slow paced, it’s sometimes more challenging and painful for me, both mentally and physically. I find it difficult to focus my mind and move beyond the discomfort of the pose. However, with Tina’s support and attention to breath, I was able to relax into the poses, and become more mindful of my own body.

 Kalari Yoga Earth Flow

This was my third and final yoga class for the day. With each class being 2 hours long, I was pretty spent at this point. Taught by Amanda Koh from Singapore, Earth Flow is a type of yoga that strengthens and stretches with long held out poses, connecting your mind, body, and spirit to the sacred energy around you. It’s a flow that is both dynamic and centering, calming yet energizing. With my body being put to the test, this intense flow helped bring my awareness inward, becoming present in the moment. Surrounded by lush rice paddies, it’s hard not to feel awakened and connected to this beautiful earth.

 Levitating Your Relationships-Creatively

This women’s only personal development workshop truly touched my heart. Within 10 minutes of the class, I was already in tears. Kemi Nekvapil, author and life coach, led this highly emotional and eye opening class. Kemi shared her amazing life story and message towards rebuilding and nourishing relationships. She helped clarify the key foundations in creating meaningful relationships and how to build deeper connections. I strongly urge you to learn more about her story.


Looking for a unique spiritual or healing experience? Bali Spirit has got you covered. From Reiki, Tibetan bowl therapy, mediums, and Balinese spiritual healers to body work such as cranio-sacral. I chose to go with a 1-hour reading with a Balinese spiritual healer. Coming into the session, I had a lot on my mind about the future and was in need of some serious guidance. It’s safe to say it exceed my last spiritual healing experience here in Bali..more to come on that later.


If you like clean and fresh food as much as I do, this place is a vegan and vegetarian mecca. Every dish I tried was better then the last.



Diverse, vibrant, eclectic, soulful. This is the music scene at the Bali Spirit. The music is the essence of the festival, the true heart and soul. There is live music played through out the day at the daytime festival as well as at the nighttime venue, Coco Love Stage. Musicians hail from different parts of the globe, playing a range of genres: world, folk, electronica. Let’s just say, it’s one hell of a dance party.


See you next year Bali Spirit Festival! Who’s with me?